What is platinum?

Platinum is a precious heavy metal. Because it is both dense and malleable, it is ideal in jewelry production. Platinum derives its name from the Spanish word “platina,” meaning “little silver.”

Why buy platinum vs. white gold or sterling silver?

Platinum is extremely rare. Though it bears a similarity to silver, it is much more expensive. It is silver-white in color and highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. Platinum can take much more day-to-day abuse before needing to be repaired, whereas silver and white gold need more care. Platinum is also hypoallergenic, and may not cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Why is platinum jewelry so expensive?

Platinum is the “premium” white metal. It is the hardest and heaviest white metal. A six-inch cube of platinum weighs 165 lbs. This ensures a durability suited for rings and bracelets that are exposed to everyday wear.

Where is platinum found?

Platinum has been mined for centuries, with the highest concentrations found in South Africa, Russia and Canada. It has been discovered that platinum is also found on the surface of the moon and meteorites. Platinum traces can be found where meteorites have crashed to Earth.

What are other uses for platinum?

In 2010, only about 30% of the platinum sold was used in jewelry making. The bulk of the use for platinum is in vehicle emissions control. It has also been shown that platinum used in chemotherapy is effective in treating tumors.

Tips for caring for your platinum jewelry:

  • Store your platinum jewelry in boxes or bags separately, so as not to be scratched by other pieces.
  • Clean with mild soap and water or a jewelry cleaning solution.
  • Though most household cleaners will not harm platinum, other stones and metals may be damaged. Remove platinum rings and bracelets when house cleaning.
  • Work with certified jewelers to polish, resize, or make any other adjustments to your platinum jewelry.

Is platinum the most expensive metal used in jewelry?

Platinum is an expensive metal commonly found in jewelry, however, the rare metal rhodium holds more value. Part of the platinum family, rhodium is more often used to coat and protect common metals such as silver or gold. This gives jewelry its reflective white surface. Temperamental during the melting process, jewelry is rarely made entirely of rhodium, making them extremely valuable when discovered. Platinum is the second highest valued metal.

Platinum vs. white gold – What is the difference in how white gold and platinum look?

White gold is usually coated in rhodium to give it a white, shiny finish. When comparing white gold to platinum, the platinum metal will have a slight gray appearance. Over time, each metal will change and require maintenance. White gold will begin to turn yellow, and requires being re-dipped to bring back its shiny exterior. Platinum will begin to dull, but can be professionally cleaned to bring back its original shine.

Why is platinum popular for wedding rings?

Platinum is a naturally white metal and advertised as being 90% to 95% pure. It is one of the highest valued metals, and requires relatively low maintenance when compared to gold or silver. Platinum wedding bands are known for their long lasting white finish, durability, and rarity, which make them a popular choice for wedding bands.